You hide anywhere, your friends have to seek.

With RiddleRunner, the entire city is your playground. Play a new version of hide and seek not made for kids. Join the waitlist now and be the first to play!

Look forward to

  • Fast-paced gameplay in real life

  • Play for free

  • Android/iPhone support

Hide and seek, reimagined.

RiddleRunner is played in two teams: Runners and Trackers.

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Riddle Runner

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You can run ...

As Runner, you complete Riddles to win. But watch out. Trackers are onto you!

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Riddle Runner

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... but you can't hide

As Tracker, you catch Runners to win. Predict their next moves based on their GPS location.

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Riddle Runner

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Local Riddles

RiddleRunner features countless challenges, called Riddles, for a unique game every time.

Challenge your friends.

Invite your friends for an exciting game through your city. Start with just one friend, play with your colleagues or invite the whole city.

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    Explore your city

    Play RiddleRunner anywhere and explore the city at the same time.

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    RiddleRunner is constantly evolving. Join our community and help us create Riddles, improve the app and make it even more fun.

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    Made in Berlin

    Support a small group of student developers.

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